How do I create cardano wallet (not daedalus) via rpc API call?

I’ve already tried this following code.

But It gives only this text:


But how can i get id and other meta data…

Might help if you share the input query you used as well (mask any sensitive data)

curl -X POST https://localhost:8090/api/v1/wallets -H “Accept: application/json; charset=utf-8” -H “Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8” --cert ./state-wallet-mainnet/tls/client/client.pem --cacert ./state-wallet-mainnet/tls/client/ca.crt -d ‘{“operation”:“create”,
“backupPhrase”:[“squirrel”,“material”,“silly”,“twice”,“direct”,“slush”,“pistol”,“razor”,“become”,“junk”,“kingdom”,“flee”],“assuranceLevel”: “normal”,“name”:“MyFirstWallet”,“spendingPassword”:“5416b2988745725998907addf4613c9b0764f04959030e1b81c603b920a115d0”}’

It shows these errors:

{“status”:“error”,“diagnostic”:{“validationError”:“Error in $.backupPhrase: Forbidden Mnemonic: an example Mnemonic has been submitted. Please generate a fresh and private Mnemonic from a trusted source”},“message”:“JSONValidationFailed”}

As you see in the Error message, you are using an example mnemonic, you need to generate a fresh and private mnemonic to create a wallet. Your syntax is fine, you have just not replaced the seed words :slight_smile:

Yeahh…this query is solved