How do i disable client authentication to connect wallet api with browser?

I am developing web ui for cardano wallet with PHP code…It works fine while running on commandline but when i just tried to write on browser It getting errors.


You can start a node /wo tls. As I remember /w --no-tls option.
Or import the Daedalus/node’s self signed root cert and and the signed client cert.
But, “how” depends on the OS you use.

I’ using linux… but where i have to write --no-tls OR --no-client-auth

as i;ve refered this link

What backend do you run on Linux? Or did you simply run the Daedalus wallet and conencted to its backend?

No daeddalus… I’ve connected to its backend

The how did you start the backend?

i simply run the wallet script ./connect-to-mainnet and on the other terminal I perform the operation… like curl command and execution of php file

in that script file add a line --no-tls. Unfortunately, I do not have any Linux setup anymore, and I cannot recall what’s in that script. if you do $ cat connect-to-mainnet I probably would be able to help.

Look I’ve made changes but It doesn’t give any output…

You should delete/comment out tlscert/tlskey etc. from that script (after made a copy of it) and just leave --no-tls. But, I am heading to bed now.

Yesterday I’ve tried --no-client-auth in the beginning of the script and it was run and printed on browser but after 5-10 mins it stopped to work…and back to previous state

It’s actually easier than that. Before you nix-build it you can copy sample-wallet-config.nix to custom-wallet-config.nix and customize the options there. I highly recommend reading docs/ as even though you’re not an exchange you seem to have similar use cases. Disabling it is fine for development but it’s highly recommended you learn how to do client certificate authentication with php like this shows.

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Thanks…But I’ve written code without client authentication…And it works fine…

Now can you tell me how to add wallet script in php file so that I do not have to run ./connect-to-mainnet on command line every time to run my PHP file on browser