How do I run cardano wallet script dynamically without writing on command line?

Here, I’m developing web service on cardano with php code via wallet-api v1 but I’ve to run wallet script every time to connect with api so that my php code will be run to create wallet , account, generate address and doing transaction.
I’ve to write ./connect-to-mainnet on command line. so tell me what i’ve to do to run this script dynamically.

Keep it running in the background. You can even convert it to run as a service by writing a shell script that starts and stops with your server (machine). It does not make much sense to start and stop the node for every small on-demand execution, assuming that’s what you meant. Imagine when multiple ‘calls’ (which could mean anything here since we dont have the context) are made simultaneously, would you expect to start/stop the node multiple times within that second? :slight_smile:

It’s okay to run it in the background but when i shutdown the PC and run my project on other PC. It’ll not run as this wallet script is in my PC and server but not everyone will write script on commandline everytime to run my project. Do you understand?

So you need to host your node on a machine that is accessible by all the machines.
Ideally you would also need to update the TLS authentication so that its trusted and can be connected from each of the machines where your clients (machines where your project will run), unless you disable TLS which is a bad practice.

On starting stage of my project some of expert from github has told me that

You cannot use access the API through the web browser, unless you disable TLS client auth. Curl is probably better anyway though.

So I’ve disabled client authentication and with that certificate i could’t run my php code. If you have time please visit this link:

expert from github has told me that

He has asked you to use curl instead of browsing node API from a browser. He did not ask you to disable TLS in a sytem that would go into production :slight_smile: . If you do not need to secure your node, you can disable this.

So you need to host your node on a machine that is accessible by all the machines.

This is still required.

Any other option expect TLS authentication. Do you know how to execute wallet script from php code or from apache?