How to do i make web ui for cardano?

I have build the **Cardano SL ** from the source code.Also then i have run the command nix-build -A connectScripts.mainnetWallet -o connect-to-mainnet then ./connect-to-mainnet. After doing this my node is start connecting to mainnet. Also my API is working on command line. Now I want to create wallet and account through java application. So, tell me how do i start?

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this is probably a good place to start

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No, I would stuck on cardano-sl as I’ve tried so many mathods to create wallet but now It’s all been done on command line but tell me how can i connect rpc api with browser to print node-info.

curl -X GET https://localhost:8090/api/v1/node-info --cert ./state-wallet-mainnet/tls/client/client.pem --cacert ./state-wallet-mainnet/tls/client/ca.crt

I strongly recommend developing against the testnet and only switching to main net once it’s been verified that everything is working as you expect it to be. Experimenting on the main net is a recipe for disaster.

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what about using the cli interface ? dont think this is a great idea but just to test

But It’s only command line interface…That was also tried but when it comes to connect with browser then obviously RPC API must be used from my point of view. If you have any ideas then tell me.

The syntax you used in the previous post for creating a wallet was correct. You just did not substitute the example seed words with a valid one as requested in the document.

OK…Thanks…But tell me
1.) which is the best programming lang to make cardano webservice ??
2.) cardano-sl is best or cardano-cli???