How do you pair native token to ada?

I am working on creating a native token project and lots of other crypto listings and marketplace’s want it paired with ada to support it. How does that happen?

thank you for your time.

Do you have an example of such a requirement?

It’s not a technical term that I would be aware of. All native tokens on Cardano are created equal.

The term “pair” is used on DEXes for liquidity pools for swapping tokens for other tokens (mostly between native tokens and ADA). Depending on the DEX, you can just open such a pool by putting in your token and an equivalent amount of ADA. If that is a good idea, if people will think your token is worthwhile, if they will use that pool to trade it, … are other questions.

Yea i think i did misunderstand what the sundae swap people were saying. They mentioned i need’ed a pair. I get what you’re saying now. What are some tips on creating a liquidity pool for my token? I assume encouraging people to put liquidity in so they receive some of my token in exchange? Is there any documentation on that sort of thing for cardano?

I’m not aware of “documentation” on how to start a successful token. It’s not really something everybody could or should do just for the fun of it.

You could look at more or less successful projects. Do you have a website for your project? What is the purpose of your token, anyway? Whitepaper? Team? How do you distribute your token? Airdrop? ISPO?

Even if it shall be just a meme token, you’d probably want some kind of plan, how to make it known. Cf. Hosky.

Getting it on the DEXes is only the step after those.

I am learning from the top down. Website can be made in an instant , purpose of the token i do have. White paper will be writen once i figure how possible all this is based on how it will be distributed / tokenommics. Team? Working on getting details clear before i hit up all my computer nerd friends to get a team together. The field i work in that will be very easy. Airdrops are options , ispo if i am not mistaken is determined how much liquidity i can get in? Its not a meme and i have a plan… and it has utility. Was just confused on how dex listing works. With out paying some crooks 3k to list my token. I appreciate the answers.

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When i run a testnet and it sync’s. Does this copy of the chain just get larger and larger? Or does it remove some data at some point?