How do you update your cold environment?

Hello All, I have a functional stake pool and an airgapped/cold machine that I’ve registered my keys on. I am wondering best way to update it from 1.25.1 to 1.26.2. What I’ve done in the past is install everything on a different laptop, turn off the wifi, switch the keys over to that one, and update values from there. I"m wondering if there is an easier way to update my cold environment.


for generating keys, signing transactions - you dont need to update the cardano-cli…
but I would choose to transfer the newer precompiled version of cardano-cli with a pendrive

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Basically just get the updated version of the 1.26.2 cardano-node and cardano-cli binary from one of your working nodes and put it on a usb drive as laplasz stated.
Ive had issues in the past making sure I grabbed it from the correct bin, so use the
“Which Cardano-node” command to figure out from where the updated node is running.
Then mount the usb stick and sudo copy the file.
Reverse the process on your air-gapped machine. To be safe you could move current binaries to a 1.25.1 folder just in case.

Check the version to make sure it updated to 1.26.2.