How does Cardona Address database size that plagues Ethereum?

Hi All,

I have not read through the technical documentation completely but had a question.

how does cardona address the massive database size issue that plagues etheruem? I tried to download the ethereum wallet but was unable to even open it after weeks of downloading, and my chain file size reached 50GBs!

A shortcut to this answer is much appreciated :slight_smile:

I think Cardano uses a method that allows you to not download the entire chain, but just a big part of it.
So every node has a sufficient part of the chain together forming a long chain.

I’m not familiar with the right terminology yet.
But I see it as a big snake, and every node or computer holds a few scales. With sufficient overlap of computers holding the same scales, it doesn’t really matter that your computer doesn’t have everything. Because if you want to reconstruct the entire snake, you can just follow all the scales on all different computers.

Correct me if i’m wrong, this is just how I see it now, interesting question. Looking forward to other responses

If it is true that would really be good news.
However, according to what you call distributed storage, as far as I know there is still a big bottleneck