How Does Pledge Affect Stake Pool Rankings in Daedalus

Hello, there’s an online video showing a discussion of a paper entitled “Stake Pool Ranking in Cardano”

Daedalus Stake Pool Rankings, Stake Pool Desirability, Hit Rate Estimates - Explained - YouTube

I cannot find this paper online anywhere. Can someone link to it?

Also, how does Pledge affect Stake pool rankings in Daedalus? Does everything else being equal, a higher pledge make you appear more attractive in the rankings?

Higher pledge and higher stake for a pool is more attractive up to the saturation point. Those pools will mint more blocks.

However by everyone piling into this bigger pools Ada becomes more centralized.

Both of the documents referred to in the video are linked in show more, but I have copied them here as well:

Pool Ranking Specification:

Cardano-community pool ranking updated: Education Portal

The algorithm sees you as someone with more skin in the game, and thus prefers you. Also makes it harder for an attacker to spin up a bunch of pools and gain control since they would be much less likely to create blocks because a lot of pledge or users staking to you would be required.



I’m sure pledge counts in the ranking, I see my pool ranking better than others with more stake but less pledge.

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This is the only correct answer. Check the pool ranking pdf, all the formulas are in there. If you have specific questions feel free to ask!

Higher the pledge the more the pool operator keeps if they have margin enabled