How does uptime affect performance of a pool

Hey there! Since I really want to start my own stake-pool but I will be moving to another apartment in a few months, I was wondering what effects it would have on my stake-pool if I would have to unplug it (pool is not on the cloud) and move it over to a new apartment/network.

Or generally so that it also applies to other users in the community, what would happen if you lose connection/electricity or you change internet providers?

Thank you very much for your time!

If your node is offline while you are scheduled to mint a block and your node fails to do so, you will loose the block and not get the rewards for it (neither will your delegators). Other than that, there is no penalty.


Okay great, thank you very much! :v:

If you run multiple relays (which you should) make sure you either update topology in one of them with your potentially new IP and restart before you actually move the BP so it starts syncing straight away after restart or even better run one of your relays as BP while moving your main BP.

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That’s a great idea, thank you!!:pray: