Stakepool Perfomance


I have been operating a stake pool for 2 weeks. It has been running continuously since then and receives and sends data.

My pool runs in a cloud environment and has two relays. The relays and the block producer node have 4GB to 8GB and 4 CPU cores.

How can the performance be improved or does it take a while until my pool is rated better?

I have read and understood this LINK, but it does not mean that it is important that a pool is in place for 3, 4, 5 weeks before it can be rated. Maybe you have experience with it?

Thanks to all :slight_smile:

hi , i have the same setup with smaller systems,
i have produced 2 Blocks, and everything looks fine.
if you see peers and TXs then you are fine.

on BP,
you need peers only the Relays, without running topologyupdater.
on Relays,
you need peer the BP + max 10-15 relays from the network.

Screenshot 2021-01-12 at 4.59.53 PM

what exactly do you mean here?
how is it possible to have leadership for a block?
most important criteria is how much are delegated to your pool, how much you pledge…
if that helps

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Yes i see many peers on the relays and TXs. The relays then forward it to the BP. As intended.

Maybe it just takes a while or I have to increase the pledge …

it is relative… :slight_smile:
i cannot tell you because i dont know your current pledge, your current pocket to use for ADA, and what is your strategy and plan :slight_smile:
pledge makes it more attractive for delegators ( i have understand from other poeple), but if you can approach people with different ways, is your chance and decision.
with more delegated on your pool, more chances to reach the “from_all_wanted” block :slight_smile:

we are all part of this amazing decentralized network,
support small pools … is our message :slight_smile:
with respect,

think before you print

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I was aware that my own Pledge are important, but I didnt realize that it was so important. I don’t have a specific plan, I want to support Cardano and of course Im happy when my pool costs come back but thats not my main goal…

I will keep the pool running because I find Cardano great since the beginning. Maybe I get a few delegators with time.

By the way my pledge is 5k… Yes it is low but for me it was mutch money.

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For the moment is not so important… will be in the future… now you can find big pools like binance or etoro (and many others) with only 1 ADA pledged…
of course more pledge more trust; make your pool known, be active on social media and perhaps you will find delegators (this is the hard part for a small pool operator)
Good luck with ur pool!