Is there benefit to the Cardano network to run international pools?

As a SPO, curious if it is more helpful to the Cardano network to run one SP with a full pledge amount of say 100,000 ADA, or is it more helpful to build 2 SPs, a world apart in completely separate data centers (eg US and IN) both with 50,000 pledges?

I can’t get a feel for how important node latency/bandwidth is to the network.

I know having the smaller pledges (less than say 2 mil) is going to cause the smaller pools to almost never mint a block - but my question is more from the “what’s best for the ecosystem” perspective.

Thank you!


I tell u my opinion; I think it doesn’t matter where ur Producer runs because your relays are connected with many other international relays (from around the globe) to check this just open the topology file (relay);

PS: one pool per operator will help the decentralization of Cardano!


Thank you the response Alex (and being a machine in the forums in general!)

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