How is the hex for certs calculated?

Hi all, so im in the process of updating my stake pool to reflect a lower margin. However when i ran the command to generate another pool.cert file with a new margin value, I noticed that the hex that gets produced in my newpool.cert file is exactly the same as the hex which was produced for my initial pool.cert file when i registered the first time. My understanding was that with this updated parameter I should get a new hex. Am I missing something?

Don’t think so, if the new certificate has the new margin then should be fine… just submit it to the blockchain

@Alexd1985 by any chance do you know if the format of pool.cert is specific to Cardano project or if it’s leveraging a format like PEM for X.509 certificates, in which case it could be parsed using openssl for instance ?

TBH I don’t know :frowning:

Ok, then a

$ file pool.cert

could confirm it… or not. In case of PEM, then file command would return PEM certificate, otherwise I believe it would return something like data which is the usual file answer for «I did not recognize that».