How long after Epoch end does it take to receive rewards

How long after Epoch does it take to receive rewards. I have not received my rewards after Epoch 221. I received Ada rewards after previous two epoch ends 219, and 220. I am staked in 1PCT5 and have been staked for 6 weeks without moving my stake. The pool produced a large number of blocks.

Rewards are received at the end of an epoch, for the previous epoch and show instantly.

You will probably find you have received rewards, as the wallets don’t show a breakdown of them.

Get yourself the pooltool app or something which shows a breakdown of your rewards for each epoch, it’s brilliant at keeping track of rewards

Here a short explanation how it works exactly:

Q: When do i receive my staking rewards?

A: Lets assume you delegated during epoch 200. Untill the end of that epoch nothing will happen.
In epoch 201 your stake is included in the current snapshot.
In epoch 202 your stake may will produce blocks.
In epoch 203, your rewards are calculated and paid out at the end of that epoch. The rewards will also be included in the next snapshot and thus be staked.


I eventually received the rewards. It took about 5 hours after the epoch ended. In previous epochs the rewards were distributed instantly. I wonder why there was a delay this time. Thanks for your response.

Hi Fabian

Thanks for this answer. I was aware of the three epoch delay, before receiving rewards so I tried to word my question more specific to the end of an epoch. I finally received the rewards after 5 hours.

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Same here with two of their pools. This last epoch was the first time.

It’s probably nothing, but worth noting.