No staking rewards

I was delegating my stake to WIRA D1 pool in epoch 211 and 212. the pool mined 2 blocks during Epoch 212, but i did not receive any staking rewards. Anybody knows why?

You had to delegate in Epoch 210 to receive the first rewards.


i delagated my stake on 7th august (epoch 209) to the pool, so i should have received rewards for epoch 211 and 212.

or are the rewards given at the END of the next epoch?

Rewards are given at the END of the epoch, which is 5 days on the main net.

Then i really dont understand why i didnt receive any rewards yet. Maybe the rewards for mining 2 blocks is too small to go over the threshold of 340 ADA? my stake was 320k ADA from a total of around 750k in the pool.

here is a nice tool to see the rewards:

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oh wow, thank. that clears it up.

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Oh man this is cool! Hadn’t seen this website yet.