Rewards on my Nano Ledger S

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I loaded my Nano Ledger S with ADA last Sunday, which 2022-01-30 day before epoch ended.
Why I still did not recieve rewards for the last epoch, which is ended on friday 2022-02-04?

I staked to this pool: [OCTAS] OctasPool | Cardano Staking / Explorer

It goes like this:

Epoch A > Snapshot taken
Epoch B > Earning rewards for amount taken at snapshot
Epoch C > Rewards calculated
Epoch D > Rewards payed

Example: At the start of Epoch 102 rewards for epoch 98 are payed

This assumes you are staking already for some time with that pool, as new delegation alone takes an epoch to go through.

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Yes I was staking in my other wallet to that pool. Ok, so I need to wait 2 more epoch to get rewarded. I see that even my ada will leave the wallet, I still will continue to get rewarded

You will see your first rewards on 14th Feb 2022, 21:44:51 UTC (maybe 2-3 minutes later).

I think it’s the same for newly registered stake keys and delegations: Included in next snapshot. Rewards 15 days later.

21:44:51 UTC

Correct. That was in my local time :sweat_smile:
Fixed it :sunglasses:

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I meant that if he didn’t delegate before with that wallet he needs to account one more epoch for registering the delegation… so:

Epoch A > Register delegation
Epoch B > Take snapshot
Epoch C > Use snapshot
Epoch D > Calculate rewards
Epoch E > Pay rewards

Did you create a new wallet with Ledger, transferred the tokens to that wallet, then registered a staking key and delegated to the pool?
If yes you need to add additional epochs for the key registration and delegation.

I still think it’s the same, regardless if the key was registered/delegated before or not.

Here, one of my stake key registrations:

Done on 2021-11-11 (before the snapshot).
Epoch A: It was included in the snapshot of 2021-11-11.
Epoch B: It was active from 2021-11-16 till 2021-11-21.
Epoch C: Rewards calculation was done after 2021-11-21.
Epoch D: Rewards were paid after 2021-11-26.
And on you can see that the first rewards really came on 2021-11-26:
Cardano PoolTool - The most comprehensive staking statistics for Cardano on the web.

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I see now, you are correct. I was blindly following the flow charts without examining the actual process on the chain. My bad will do my homework next time :blush: :slight_smile:

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Took me quite a while to get a grip on that and I don’t think the flow charts are very helpful.

I’m now remembering it by: Stake is active, used for deciding on slot leaders in a certain epoch. The snapshot for that was taken one epoch before the start and the rewards are paid one epoch after the end. That’s very symmetrical.

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