When do you get the reward of a epoch?

At the moment it is epoch 44. The pool i delegated to in epoch 43 (i started to delegate in 40) produced 3 blocks in epoch 43. 3 blocks according to pooltoo.io and adapool.org. Total staked in that pool was during the whole epoch 543k. So it is a very small pool.
After the end of epoch 43 i was very excited about their prestations…but…i only got 26 ada as reward. I expected about 250., because 1 block gives about 1k rewards, so 3 blocks 3 k. I was very disappointed. I thought you get the rewards at the end of the epoch when you stay in the same pool. . Is that true? Or do you get them the next epoch/day?

Rewards are paid to stakeholders from 2 epochs prior.
For example, in epoch 41 rewards are paid to stakeholders from epoch 39 for blocks made in epoch 40.
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I don’t think this is correct. When you change pools it takes the current and next epoch for the stake to accually be on your pool of choice. In the meantime your stake will stay at the previous pool.

The rewards you wil get at the end of (lets say) epoch 43, is from the blocks of epoch 43. So the rewards at 20:15 are from that day of staking.


I think you are saying essentially the same thing but with one minor misunderstanding.

The rewards are actually paid at the beginning of the following epoch.

From Seciont 10.1 of the Cardano Ledger Formal Specification:

The rewards for a given epoch e i involve the two epochs surrounding it. In particular, the

stake distribution will come from the previous epoch and the rewards will be calculated in the
following epoch

So, in your example the rewards for blocks made between 43.0 and 43.43200 are paid on 44.0 to stakeholders of record as of 42.0.

Hope that is more clear.