How much is the most appropriate Pledge setting?

Hello, my pool Pledge is 100ADA. Does Pledge affect the creation of blocks?

Nope, for the moment no,

something we should take into account if we;re crating a pool in the next few weeks ? or are we soon to be required to have quiet substential pledge to operate ? small time ops still have a place ?

As u already know a pool needs a huge amount of ada (staked or pledged) in order to create blocks freqvently… for the moment there is no min pledge required

Your main focus should be how or what you should do to attract delegators

Of course a big amount pledged will make the pool more attractive for the delegators

well we’re basically a small group of cryptoinvestors looking to make themseleves a pool for ourselves , sharing the operation reward to pool a pledge , hoping to start mainnet with ~ 10k pledge and another 10k staked , if others want to stake with us , they are quiet welcome but our goal is well not yet to become truely public

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and i’m the 30 year carreer sysadmin of the group , having been layed out recently i have quite a bit of time for this :wink:

Yeah, running a pool does not require much time but finding delegators does :slight_smile:

not looking to make a fortune out of it , i’m getting close to retirement and this looks like a nice side gig , by my calc 5% of ops reward is not far from a net salary for me

Understand, then should not be any issue :wink:
If u will need help just ask here on forum