How often and how many cardano ambassadors are chosen?

Hey everyone I have started a Youtube channel and post programming stuff related to cardano here

I heard about the cardano ambassador program and got to know what people who’re making videos can apply for this program. I have applied twice for the past few months and get this reply each time

I wanted to know how often these ambassadors are chosen and what are the qualities they look for. I talked to one of the people who choses cardano ambassadors and he said that my content was pretty good and I should get selected but I have been rejected twice.

Hey @icycranberry

The Cardano Foundation runs the ambassador program and they are the ones who accept or reject the applications.

I think the ambassador program is at a point where its really difficult for an english native speaker to get accepted to the program, as there are already alot of them in this program and the Cardano Foundation are looking to have ambassadors from all over the world.

The best way to proof that you are the right person for that program is to keep creating high quality content. Sooner or later you will be accepted to the program. :slight_smile:


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okay thanks. Would it be better to create non english content to increase chances of getting selected?

im not 100% sure but id say it could give you an advantage if you are speaking a rare language.

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