Ambassador Program rejected me again

I have been applying to the Cardano ambassadors program since months and today I got another rejection email. I have asked for feedback before as well and would like you to please review my content and see if you find what i should improve on.

I make tutorials related to Cardano programming and have a small youtube channel.

This is the review i receive every time from the Cardano foundation "

Thank you very much for taking the time to apply for our Ambassador Program. We’re always happy to see people reach out to us and show interest in our project.

While we were very impressed with the body of work demonstrated, we regret to inform you that you didn’t qualify to become an Ambassador at this time. Specifically, the application was denied because the number of Ambassador openings is limited, and we’re not able to accept every candidate who applies.

We hope this won’t discourage you too much and this does not speak on the quality of your work. We sincerely thank you for all of your contributions thus far and would be delighted if you applied again next month. ".

This is my channel.


I have watched some of your videos in the past which I found by independent searching. I hope the rejection this time doesn’t discourage you from you good work.



please note the email you received was automated. You will receive another email shortly with more details of things the team were flagging.

Worth to mention that we have a lot of English content creators already, and Fabian indicated that here in the thread. But due to the very technical nature of your channel, I see a good chance to get you in if we fix two or three small things.

So please don’t be demotivated, and let’s stay in touch. Also gladly via DM/Email.


Hey there, thank you for the reply. I received a reply on my mail and would work on the points mentioned there. Cheers.


Cardano seems to be like solana, just a boys club. Ive been rejected on numerous occasions. In fact do mant times ive stopped applying. I have a phd in IT. But if u friends u get further. Stick to bitcoin. The rest is all bull crap helping others get rich

Did you get any specific feedback ? Which type of ambassador were you applying for ?

Nope. For south africa.

I ran the Johannesburg summit last year. And did all that work and lost delegation to our pool. Everything else we ever applied for has been rejected. Noone even told us why we lost our delegation. I didn’t get the summit this year was given to someone else so it’s kinda obvious this is a club of some sorts. Very sad. I thought cardano was different


If you are talking about the delegation by the founation, I believe it was temporary in the first place and they keep changing their pools. I am sorry to hear how your efforts haven’t been appreciated.

Yeah was taken away early. And then went to a pool already with 40million ada. Anyway yes all my efforts in vain. Some other guys have bullshit projects and are sitting with 15 million staked. Guys running housing projects in mozam when they aren’t even in that country. Is sad how many corrupt people are benefitting from this when normal people working hard don’t get recognition. This is why I say crypto hasn’t changed the world at all its just the rich getting richer. Same old same old. I thought mabey cardano was different. Where there is poo there is always flies. Anyway I appreciate the response. Most don’t even bother

Tha ks

Is this about the Ambassador program or the delegation strategy? In any case I’m happy to provide insights but we need to be more specific.

For example the Ambassador rejection email has a #number in the subject field. That would help. (you can also send it via dm)

All details on the delegation strategy is available here: Cardano Foundation's New Delegation Methodology: Supporting the Architects of the Future

In it was neither, but an IOG delegation. …

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Thank you for clarification.

the main thing is not to give up, I have also been refused a couple of times, I am a Twitter influencer, I will continue to write about Cardano and re-send the application :muscle:

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Thanks for the kind words. I became an ambassador during the December iteration by Cardano foundation.



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