Learning from the end of the Ardana and Orbis projects

The termination of the Ardana and Orbis projects has sparked debates in the community. Investors are disappointed. The reality is that 90-95% of startups fail. In the blockchain industry, the score will be likely slightly worse. I wouldn’t be afraid to say that 99% of projects will fail. Cardano will survive third-party project failures just like all other smart contract platforms. There are currently several hundred projects being built. Even if we are big pessimists, we can say that in a few years we can have 10 successful projects with a large number of users. This number, with competition at its back, is amply sufficient for Cardano’s success. We could conclude that almost nothing has actually happened and end the debate there. However, it would be a shame not to take some lessons from the event.


  • If the CEO of the Ardana project had paid the developers above average, he could have had 50 of them for 4 years.
  • It’s normal for a project to fail. In the blockchain industry, transparency is expected when a project is funded by the community.
  • Blockchain is an industry like any other, even riskier, so the same laws apply there as anywhere else.
  • The Orbis project applied for $1M in Catalyst Fund 8.
  • If a third-party project fails, it’s a failure of the team, not the Cardano platform.

This article was prepared by Cardanians with support from Cexplorer.

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I want to add something into the mix here. Is because people get shafted. Here is my example. We started a pool, went great got iohk delegation. Lost it early for no reason, well not entirely true cos we never found out, so may be a reason but we were never told. I ran a successful south african cardano summit. I paid some expenses out of my own pocket. I didnt do the summit this year and was removed from the meetup group. Is the age old if you not part of the inner circle u get pushed to the outside. Then you start to question what are u actually doing here. Is this really a comminity or just of clever people manipulating people into doing things for now reward. Well reward for the already rich. Whats changed? Not much. Crypto was a promise and yet thieves thrive. Scams exist. Real good people get shafted and a few benefit. Isnt this the exact world we already lived in before crypto. Is cardano any different? Im my experience an emphatic NO. So be it. Find where u belong and are appreciated. Thats only true ive found with your kids lol