How Often Should You Update Your Topology On Mainnet?

On Mainnet, I’ve run the topology updater and pulled a new topology only when I see some problem nodes (Unreachable, or very high latency). I saw in one post here that someone recommended running the updater every 24 hours. If my peers seem ok, I usually just leave it. I’m just wondering if there’s a best practice as to how often I should update my topology.

EDIT: This is not a new node. I’ve already run the topology updater for 4 hours + and was able to get the node up and running. I’m sure changes to the topology require a restart so should I be restarting my nodes often? if so, how often?

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I recommend you run the topologyupdater script made by the guild-operators.

The topologyupdater shell script must be executed on the relay node as a cronjob exactly every 60 minutes . After 4 consecutive requests (3 hours) the node is considered a new relay node in listed in the topology file. If the node is turned off, it’s automatically delisted after 3 hours.

more info here:
Topology Updater (

I’ve completed that already but I guess my questions is a bit different. Topology changes require a restart so should I be restarted my nodes every 24 hours with pulled changes to the topology file? should I be restarting them often? if so, how often?

Thanks for the help. I will update my question to be more clear.

For example I restart the relay once/12 hours… but u can keep the default 24 hours.

BTW it’s not a must to restart the nodes … it’s most a recommendation (this way u will keep the topology file always fresh)