Updating relay topology

Hi everyone,

I’ve been manually restarting my relay nodes every few days to keep my topology fresh but I was wondering about automating this.

Wondering what others have been using to do this and how often?

Looking at maybe just using a crontab entry but hoping to see what other people’s crontab entry looks like?

Thanks in advance

Check the coincashew guide if u are not using cntools

hi Alex

I did follow the coincashew guide but from what I can see they only have a crontab job for the topologyUpdater.sh. I was hoping to see how others go about restarting their nodes on a regular basis and if they automated it through a crontab job.

I was thinking about adding a crontab job like:

0 4 * * * service cardano-node restart

To restart the node every day around 4 AM (and maybe set my other relay node to restart a few hours after that to avoid both being down at the same time)

I’m not sure if the above will work though or if I need to write a basic script like:

systemctl restart cardano-node.service

and then make an entry into crontab to run the script

only thing is I’m fairly certain the script needs sudo privileges to work so not sure if that will work either