Configure your topology file [error] The subscription is not set up correctly


On step 14. Configure your topology files from the Coincashew tutorial we need to configure the topology files on relay1, but what in relay2?.

On every snippet of code it says, On relaynode1 so I just run that code on relay1, my problem now is that according to: - Cardano stake pool checker , the subscription is not set up correctly for my relay2.

I am wondering if I should also do the same steps in relay2 and if not what should I do to fix this problem that is pointing out?

Is it correct to say that the setup relay1 has, should be the same for relay 2 as well?



Yes, that same steps should be applied on relay2 as well.

As always, thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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just give us an update if you managed to setup relay2

Yes, it worked! According to - Cardano stake pool checker it looks likes it’s fixed.

I also did nano mainnet-topology.json

And both files in relay1 and relay2 looks similar

Guys, I can’t thank you enough for all the help provided you guy rules!

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