Pool.vet says "Check manually that the topology for relay node"

I have checked my pool with pool.vet and i get this output:

Check manually that the topology for relay node is configured
If you are using topologyUpdater, the subscription is not set up correctly. Check crontab, the topologyUpdater logs, and that you subscribed the node with the correct address and port

so i have questions about it

  1. What exactly does pool.vet check on my node? I actually configured the topology by myself, but i would be surprised it it would reveal my topology config?
  2. Should i use the topology updater, because the docs say “intended to be a temporary solution”. If it is deprecated, what can i do to satisfy pool.vet?

I never heard about it
but it is correct, u need to run topology updater on the Relay.


It works now, the probllem was that i used cardanocommunity/cardano-node for the script which overrides the port always to 6000, now i’ve created my own small version of the script

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