Can't reach relay node, Relay node is missing in topology.json

Hi, I have been running my pool for a few epochs and according to the gliveview is processing many transactions, has roughly 20ish incoming and outgoing peers however whenever I visit or, none of them see my relay.

I am not sure if this is because I am running behind proxied DNS or what exact process is going on behind the scenes to determine the status of the pool. I will also note that it’s not listed in topology.json.

Most of the articles I read seem to reference port 6000 should be open, but if that is not open will you still get incoming peers and be processing transactions? Any guidance on these points would be much appreciated.

Do u have connectivity from ur BP to the relays,

U can check

telnet Relay_ip Relay_port

Also check the last topology updater logs messages

Lead me to the issue, thanks! I wasn’t sure if it was a red herring but turns out it was not.

Topology updater was all good but my dns proxy wasn’t passing that port.

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