Unsure of what this "to-do" is on Pool.vet

Hi all, just ran the pool through Pool.vet and realised that there is a To-do on our relays.

Do not quite understand what it means.

I went through the topologyUpdater logs and see that it is still updating as expected.

Thanks in advanced!

Your pool does not appear in the topologyUpdater data. It will not be distributed to other pools and, hence, probably won’t have many incoming connections, which also means that they won’t fetch blocks produced by you.

If other pools have your pool statically configured it might work despite that.

Do you have both set up? Fetching the topology every 24 hours or so and pinging topologyUpdater every hour. Without the pinging part, they won’t put your pool in their data (and it has to have done that for four hours to first become included).

See: https://cardano-community.github.io/guild-operators/Scripts/topologyupdater/ (The link on pool.vet seems to be broken.)

Thanks for the response,

However, both relay nodes have incoming connections, and we have produced a block.

Yes pinging every hour is set up, I have checked the logs and it seems that it is pinging every hour, however I do see this error recurring a few times “glad you want to stay with us, but please ensure to make your request from your IPv4 address (use curl -4 ... )” }"

That might well be the reason your pool does not get pushed according to pool.vet.

Reading through https://github.com/cardano-community/guild-operators/blob/alpha/scripts/cnode-helper-scripts/topologyUpdater.sh and https://github.com/cardano-community/guild-operators/blob/alpha/scripts/cnode-helper-scripts/env, this should not happen, since IP_VERSION=4 is the default. Have you changed anything in those files – topologyUpdater.sh or env?

Thanks so much, checking topologyUpdater.sh has fixed my issue!

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