I Need Topology Peers please

Hi All,

Is there a simple way to add a current list of valid topology peers on 1.25.1 mainnet for my Relays. In a bi-directional way - you add me I add you scenario. (no more Pooltool.io buddies it seems).

I don’t want to use the Coincashew topologyUpdater. Although its had rave reviews, I haven’t set my nodes up using this methodology.

I have always struggled on TestNet and Mainnet to get reliable Peers.

Do we have another solution other than asking operators on Discord or Telegram?

What are you other SPO’s doing?

Thanks in Advance…


No, there is no other way… someone needs to add ur nodes automatically with topologyupdater or manually by ask him


Hi Alex,

Thought this maybe the case, do you think the topologyUpdater.sh would still work for me, even though I did not use the coincashew guide for initial setup?

My nodes are synced, just no transactions or peers are coming through.

What set up did u used?



It should work

Will have a go at it later, thanks again…

Hi Jop,

Im in exactly the same situation as you. let us know how you get on with the topologyupdater.sh

Im also going to have a play around with it to see how it goes.

you can try step 14 on the guide. Guide: How to build a Cardano Stake Pool - CoinCashew

Thank you I eventually get the script working with my environment.
The topology script I used was from he GitHub page and I had to adjust quite a few of the paths in the env file. I then finally got the cron tab job running :grin:

One can use the python implementation as an alternative:

It’s configuration is done with JSON, much simpler than editing env or the shell script, and can send email in case of an error.

If you need support - send email to support@adapool.at