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Dear all,

I am learning to setting up the cardano pool by using AWS.

I have created two accounts in AWS. One is for RELAYNODE and another one is for BP node.

my relay node looks fine.


However, there is a problem in BP node with below error message.

[String “Failed to start all required subscriptions”]

I had followed the suggestion which advised before in this forum

1.I changed my host addr to for both relay node and bp node.
2. In the topology file, i had tried both public IP and private IP in the addr.

Could anyone give me a hand on this?



First, your relay doesn’t have in connections:

  • check if the port is open
  • did u ran tooology updater script?

In BP u should not run the script, you should add manually your relay ip : port

Hi Alex,
Thanks for your response.
I tired to re-install the relay according to this guide and the results is the same.

sudo ufw status verbose
Status: inactive

I did not ran any topology script because they did not include in the step mentioned above. I had read your another post’s reply in Download and Configure - guild-operators - Cardano Updates. It seems that they are a litter bit different in the step

So I should run the topology updater script too? Thanks

Only on relay nodes… on BP you will add manually your relays in topology file

The script should run 1/ hour

Ok: topology updater also announce your ip into the network to permit other pool operators to connect automatically to your relay; u have more options:

  • not running topologyupdater ( in this case your topology will be statically (always same peers)) but in this case you should be in touch with other operators asking them to add your relay ip mannualy in their topology file (also u will add them in your topology file)
    in this scenario you will have forever the same topology and you will need to modify the topology file /restart the node everytime when you will add/remove a peer
  • you can run topology updater for a full dinamic topology (you will have statically only your BP ip added to custom peers in topology updater script)
    in this scenario it’s better to restart your relay frecventely , 1/12 hours
  • you can also add to custom peers few relays and also dynamicaly connect but also is necessary a reboot from time to time for your relay ( for eg: max peers 10 and custom peer 7) you should keep the ballance… recomendations is arround 20 peers

Did u start your BP? Do u still have the error?

Hi Alex,
I had followed your steps by using cntools

I think i had successfully start the BP. Am I right?

(left refer to the relay, right refer to the BP)

wait until the nodes will be sync in order to see in connections (now u have 0).

Also ur bp should look like this:


Check my topic:

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Ok Alex, really appreciate your help, i will wait until the nodes sync first. Will let u know. =)

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