How stake rewards will be affected by ada price?


I just trying to design and plan my future ada earning.

I just wonder how ROI will be affected when ada price increase? I am talking not about 1 or 2 cents, but 10โ€™s of cents price increase and market volatile.

Currently staked 31B, It will be much more when it will be realease and no other cypto are closer to ada staking in terms of rewards and conditions.

Staking rewards wonโ€™t be directly affected by ada price.

but will it be harder to get rewarded as much as early, when more and more ada will be bought and circulated?
I meant, for example to mint new btc is harder and harder, how about POS working mechanism?

if not imagine to have 100 000 stake pools where rewards will be minted 100 faster than with current stake pools