Staking impact on Trading and Price of Ada

Hi Guys,

I think once the Staking starts, people will be more interested in Staking than trading their ADA. This would result in shortage of Sell supply and thus increase the price, as buyers would be willing to pay more due to shortage.

I know this is speculation, but this might actually drive the price of ADA higher!

What do you guys think?

A very good premise @Krishna, did you see the post Staking Rewards Calculator by Dr. Ichikawa, fits right in with what you are postulating.


Yes, I did. I bookmarked the link and check my growth with every new share of Ada I purchase :slight_smile:

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I think you’re right. There’s also likely to be a price increase driven by the delivery of a functional decentralized POS system to the network as well. So people who already hold ADA my be already inclined to hold bc the price is going up.


functional decentralized POS system to the network as well = Staking…

Yes, for sure. Dash has 60% of the supply is locked

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Right - what I’m saying is the addition of staking will likely have two effects, which should both have positive impacts on the price:

  1. People lock up their ADA in staking pools
  2. There will be an improved perception of ADA in the larger crypto community, as it will now be a fully functional POS currency. The project won’t be done of course, but successful delivery of staking will be big for the market price on its own.

That is the hope… until then, I expect the price to continue dropping.