Staking, can it be a long-term problem or benefit?

I have a question. It is possible that most of the ADA in circulation (80 - 90%) is staked and this is a problem.
A somewhat absurd example. If each ADA is worth 10 and my small amount of ADA generates 3 ADAs per day, I have 30 per day and that gives me a small monthly salary, so I am always interested in having my ADA staked.

Of the total ADA in circulation, how much will it be staked? I believe that no one will give up that reward. Could long-term staking be a problem?.
Could stagnation be beneficial for ADA to appreciate more due to deflation?
What is your opinion.

Greetings to all.
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Staked ada is not tied down, anything that can be done with ada can be done with staked ada. If or when it is moved it is unstaked automatically but it can be immediately restaked from the new address. (By “immediately”, I mean there is no time lost, but in fact these changes don’t take effect until the next epoch.)

The ADA supply that is for sale on exchange could become lower because people are not willing to sell their ADA, yes probably.

This will raise the price of ADA, and there will always be people that want to benefit from that, and will sell their ADA. Others will buy that ADA for staking etc. etc…

I don’t think 100% of ADA will ever be staked because there is always someone that needs to sell. But exchanges will probably also stake there ADA so it will be close to 90% maybe more.

Let’s wait and see what happens, but I think a lot of ADA will always be staked and my question is whether that will be good or bad.
I think the ideal would be if there were no more than 50 - 60% staked

I think the more ADA is staked the less adoption and daily use there is. But may benefit price.
Best is a balance between used and staked ADA.

At the beginning almost all will be staked because there is less use for ADA at the moment.
But we will see, it takes time.

So I think this is not bad.

rewards will be for sell!