Can I stake forever?

Cardano seems so promising, and right now is the only crypto I purchase. I like the idea of staking, and want to build my position over the years. However, will staking last forever? Like when more and more people/countries hop on, will staking still be an option? We can’t just make more and more money forever right?

Yes, staking is fundamental, it will always work. Eventually it will be funded entirely by transaction fees.


When reward generation ends staking rewards will be probably slightly lower but cardano should be ready by then for fully commercial use so still can be very nice depending only how much oken will be familiar and traded.

Staking rewards declines gradually over time so in about 4 years the rewards will be about half of what they are now similar to the bitcoin halving cycle. As others have said though the goal is to have transaction fees compensate. More utility will also mean the relative price of Ada against other forms of currency like USD will continue to rise.

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While staking rewards continue to be lower less ADA will be staked and so transaction fee rewards will rise and so staking in total will be slightly lower and lower but probably far away from being halved in just 4 years. I am not sure but atm round 71% ADA is delegated to stake pools. The less rewards are the less ADA will be in stake pools. According to my opinion in a few years ADA will become number one or number two cryptocurrency with price around 20 or 30 USD per ADA and when this happens no one staking 10k ADA or more will be forced to withdraw his or her ADA because of nice passive income so we will see what is fiction and what becomes really true.