Impact on circulating supply from staking

Do you think staking will have a minor or major impact on circulating supply of ADA?

Minor. Most people are looking for capital gains, not a 2-3% income.

I think that is a very interesting question that I have been wondering myself. As RobJF suggests it depends on what the Staking return will be. That is part of the game theory and what behavior is trying to be incentivized in order to provide the proper health of the protocol. As far as I know staking rewards have not been officially announced although it seems like most assume the 2% to 3% return based on work done by vantuz-subhuman on the staking calculator. Personally I could imagine a higher return the first couple of years in order to motivate people to get their Ada off Binance and into a proper wallet where it can be staked. In a video interview of Charles I watched (can’t remember which one) he mentions they will probably err on the side of having high rewards at first. With that said I intended to stake every last Lovelace.

Clearly it will dilute the circulating supply of ADA.

On the plus side the network will be decentralized. Lets be real, nobody takes a centralized coin seriously. Many more recent projects are trying to “fudge” the decentalization of their coin, huge mistake.