For PoS - What happens when a significant original backer drops the pool or sells their ADA?

I know their will be incentives not to do this and staking will mitigate it happening but at some point you will have a few who will “cash” out. Is there systems in place to prepare for this where it won’t cripple the network? What is the approach here?

I’m also a tad new to all of this so sorry if this question seems dumb or anything lol.


following your idea, i can’t see how staking connects to network capacity :confused:

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I am just reading the paper now but I find this to be quite unlikely to happen Due to the amount of total ADA. I believe the reason staking isn’t currently available is because there aren’t enough nodes yet.

I have read that there is no way that a tx will take longer than the total amount of time in each slot.

Another reason I find your issue not going to happen because you can delegate your stake to a pool kind of like pow pools. This will keep the network robust.

Hope this helps!

Circulating Supply: 31,112,484,646 ADA
Total Supply: 31,112,484,646 ADA
Max Supply: 45,000,000,000 ADA

Edit: please note I may not be correct with all this information but the is information I am currently researching and will provide edits if necessary

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