🇹🇿 How Technology Can Save the Bees at Bagamoyo Project (CARDANO 4 REALFI)

How could technology be used to save the bees? Technology can be leveraged to help save the bees in a similar way that it is applied to other innovative projects. First, by using internet-of-things sensors, including microphones and cameras that can see invasive predators and collect data from the bees and hives. Human ingenuity and innovations such as wireless technologies, robotics, and computer vision help deliver new insights and solutions to the issue. One of the key metrics of a hive’s health is the sounds it produces. Critical to the data-gathering efforts is to “listen” to the hives to determine colony health, strength, and behavior as well as collect temperature, humidity, apiary weather conditions, and hive weight.

The sound and vision sensors can also detect hornets, which can be a threat to bee populations.

Blockchain, AI, and big data are set to revolutionize food safety across the world. With honey traceability being a huge challenge, players like Source trace, True Source Honey, are making waves in the industry using their unique solutions.

They help consumers track each product back to the manufacturer and help businesses gain an edge in the market by demonstrating transparency and ethical practices.

The collected data are fed to the Oracle Cloud, where artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms get to work to analyze the data. The algorithms will look for patterns and try to predict behaviors of the hive, such as if it’s preparing to swarm. The insights are then shared with beekeepers and conservationists so they can step in to try to protect the hives. Since it’s a globally connected network, the algorithms can also learn more about differences in bee colonies in different areas of the world. Students, researchers, and even interested citizens can also interact with the data, work with it through the hive network’s open API, and discuss it via Chatbot.

For example, the sound and vision sensors can detect hornets, which can be a threat to bee populations. The sound from the wing flab or a hornet is different from those of bees, and the AI can pick this up automatically and alert beekeepers to the hornet threat.

Technology will make easier for Bagamoyo Bee Project to share real-time information and gather resources to help save the world’s bee population.

Real-time data is collected continuously throughout the day and helps breeders detect any alarming signs- swarming, healthy-sick-collapsed ratio, and if the queen bee is missing.

Technological companies that leverage their core expertise in AI, blockchain, and other high-end technologies can make a huge difference in the market today.

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