How the trade war bring impact to coin market?

Do you think it is a opportunity to coin market to challenge Legal currency? or does trade war bring Instability to coin market? I want your opinion.


The trade war might be the catalyst for a share market drop and even to the usd fall, combining with the us national debt problem.
When trust in the traditional monetary system falls, people tend to find secure in other assets.
Cryptocurrency is one of them.
That means - buying more crypto, therefor - good to the market.
But bad for the economy.


Of course!
Remember, money is what we agreed upon as something that has value, that could be paper or crypto

In 2007 it was a great global financial crisis that “to simplify” marked the birth of bitcoin revolution … so when markets crush again ( they will! ) I really believe a lot of capital will go to crypto because philosophicaly they challenge banking system and would naturally be created movment to explore crypto by general population, students, millennials ( for this group would be because it’s cool and advanced! ) … and that along with social media would be an excellent moment for a shift in how we perceive a financial system and move to better systems

But, without education and availability of content ( all kind of contents! ) those people when they would join will be catastrophic! And level of scums will arise to levels never known!

So education on crypto and specifically Cardano! + global financial crisis > eventually would lead to a massive interest in crypto, so yes difinetly crypto will challenge fiat