🐻 market is good for our education, better than any university!

I want to start a topic on how the :bear: market is driving our education individually and as a community, and I want people to join in an share their experiences

Nothing teaches us faster then having our own money at stake

Like most of us I came in this space as an investor with hopes of wealth and Lambos. I did not foresee this becoming one of the great educational experiences of my life.

Since entering this space I’ve been forced to expose myself to many topics ranging from security, cryptography, liquid democracy, Austrian economics, voting systems, taxation, even the art of debating

The :bear: market has strengthen my character, caused me to develop mental fortitude and maybe even matured me…a bit too much :grin:, so I may be down in FIAT but up in knowledge and :brain: power

Share the positives of the :bear: market in your life!


I’m grateful for the opportunity to accumulate at prices that are very low. For those that see the mismatch between fundamentals and price these are amazing times. Also grateful for the opportunity to meet (some virtually, some in person) a bunch of really interesting people. This is a great time to get involved and really make a difference as well.


I’m glad that I haven’t immediately gotten rich from crypto. It’s given me time to investigate the deeper theme going on here.

When I first invested it was mostly about the $ and price. Now I am so convinced about the future of crypto in general, and Cardano in particular, that I hardly ever think about price anymore. Now my focus is getting the message out to the masses.

I’m experiencing a passion, drive, and energy that I haven’t felt for quite some time. It’s thrilling to be a part of something with so much potential to help so many people.


A hidden bullish divergence of massive proportions.

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For crying out loud even NASA is on board. We are set for an amazing journey. And I get to meet some really intelligent people and also people with great integrity (they know who they are.) Win Win.