Some reflections

Although I can’t contribute more, I am still optimistic about the future rather than pessimistic.


Hi Chiton,
I totally agree with you.
We all should talk up Cardano a bit more in public forums, giving a positive note, which may in turn reflect on its value…
Seems with all that’s going on, the value is sideways, we need onwards and upwards.
Come on, Talk Up!


Let’s make this a movement.

We have brain power in abundance in this project. We need more emotion, more passion!

Keep the yang - yin balanced.


Is there any body else out there?

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Hi. Yes, I agree.

Though it seems like much of the excitement is frothy (80-90%). 10% is economic fundamentals (I.e. Austrian economic proportions/comparisons to the existing broken system).

I think talking it up, though good, is limited. I think the discussion should be about the economic advantages that CARDANO has compared to fiat (if any). I believe it does, but it’s not black and white (at least for me it’s not crystal clear).

Perhaps a educational whiteboard that clearly illustrates the problem solved and the advantages over others (bitcoin, stellar, and others as well as fiat).

I hope I am not staying a problem that’s not the situation that I think it is, but that’s what I think. I have asked our podcast to cover this in some measure. We will see what happens.