Interesting article on market conditions

A nice fellow on the telegram trading forum posted this interesting read:


Good read indeed.

Concur. Good points to take from this one. Some interesting view points. I like the general analysis for the most part. I still think 2020 is the play…2019 looks like a rough ride to me.

This post is not financial advice and any portion of it should not be construed to be financial advice. This post is for entertainment purposes only.

I don’t have my hopes up for 2019 either but I’ll take it if it comes. Regardless of price it will be a great year for development and utility which is more important.

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You seriously planning on staying in till 5.00 and no riding the hills and valleys?

I’ll probably be cashing out some staking rewards as we go. But yes I want to hold until we get to the 3 to 5 dollar level. Even then I wish to keep the bulk of it for staking. Obviously a lot depends on circumstances though, personal stuff could come up and/or unforeseen issues with Cardano itself the market and the world.

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U got batts of steel…I couldn’t do it.