Market Volatility


Today is December 22nd 2018. And the cryptocurrency market is down about 25% or more across the board as major selloffs continue for BTC and Altcoins. A few things to remember:

  1. Only trade with what you can afford to loose.
  2. Extreme volatility is something that should be expected. The cryptocurrency market does not have the safeguards and regulations found on the NYSE. There are no breakers when crashes or extreme corrections occur.
  3. The market can and will be manipulated by institutional investors, whales and pump/dump groups.
  4. Take profits when appropriate for your personal situation.
  5. If you believe in the work being done by a team and the vision of the project, think long term.
  6. Use market corrections and major dips as an opportunity to buy positions you have been reluctant to take or couldn’t afford.
  7. Recognize that the only thing that sustains a project in the ups and downs, is the community.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year. And remember, HODL! 2018 is going to be a wild ride.


Not my first rodeo, I hope everyone enjoys their holidays.


Christ above. What did I wake up to? Cryptos not for the faint of heart. :joy: Happy to hodl with Cardano project. Glad I got on board even though I got in at ATH :tired_face:. Oh well. Still only platform and team I think can deliver. Looking forward to 2018 and the future of Cardano.


This dump was the perfect gift for me I got out at ATH. (with ethereum… I’m hodling my ADA untill 2020 at least) Trying real hard to not catch the knife now, but it’s very tempting with all these bargains :see_no_evil:. Part of me hopes the market corrects until January and then everyone throws their wads of cash at it again. I believe 2018 will see an unprecedented growth in crypto. Good luck to all of you.


I can’t buy more till wednesday. Honestly, I hope people keep selling so i can buy more then.


Great tips for those that panic with drops like these. Fortunately for me, I went all in (hardcore mode) ADA when it was pretty much worth little to nothing. One thing that has been keeping me calm is the faith I have put into this team and project. Nothing is more overwhelming than knowing that you got a great team backing up the project as they have been doing.

It has been a pleasure for me to invest in something so bright as Cardano/ADA has become and is constantly becoming. Happy holidays to everyone and a happy new year.

Remember: If you believe in Cardano, there is no reason to panic. Just remember to keep HODL’ing because the future is going to be bright for all of those that have patience and persevere through the tough times.



Just a new chance to buy more!


Hehe same here, all in ADA, and its actually holding pretty good against BTC so all good!!


Indeed! :slight_smile:


Added more…


All in ADA.
Merry Christmas guys!!!


Absolutely. Great post. There are a few additional things that I have been thinking about.

It seems like the big boys are depressing the market making room to buy more, but it’s just a thought.


I’ve been binging on Cardano presentations on YT all day. Getting more and more excited about this project. 100% not a flicker of doubt this will be the biggest crypto in 2018. It was hard to leave the other projects behind when you invest emotionally but I had to go all in with Cardano. :man_shrugging:


my cryptos went all in Cardano today, and hoping for a dip (sorry first and last time I will wish any bad to Cardano) to get more FIAT into it