How to be part of the Cardano Foundation

How do we become part of the Cardano Foundation? I would like to help support the foundation and create partnerships within the community.

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welcome @w0lverin3!
This forum should be a good base and playground for your intentions.
Attracting partners and people to join this community is fundamental. So great if you can support on this.

In general, it is about education and a better understanding of the various key challenges and functionalities associated with block chains.

There are some upcomming meetups. Or maybe you can think about organizing one in your region?

Maybe you can name some of your special skills. As a developer, you can read about technical stuff and ask/suggest improvements. If you’re good in video editing or illustrations it would be great to have some summarizing work done, who helps you and a lot of future visitors to have better overall insights to some complex crypto things.