Can you tell me the best stake pools to delegate my ADA to? I am still and learning every day about the wonderful Cardano project and I am sure that some advice from more experienced members here can only help me make the right choice.


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and welcome on board!
The answer is at first easy:
The rewards stemming from the stake pool operator never ecxeed 5-6% ROA (return of ADA annually) and is the same for every pool.

I think the most important for a newbie is the following:

The main difference for you is how frequently rewards are payed based on the stake:

  • The pools which have a stake bigger than 1 million, these produce at least ~1 block every 5 days and start to give consistent rewards.
  • Pools like mine with much less stake (waiting for a bigger stake) do produce blocks but much much more rarely. But the idea behind is that the total amount of rewards is the same after a year for the one who delegates.

Following is important to understand:

  • The more decentralized your stake is the more value it may get besides the staking rewards.
  • Having your own keys gives more power: you may vote for the future of the Cardano network from your Daedalus and Yoroi wallet.

There are some charity pools which promise to support projects outside of the Cardano family.



Thanks, dear.

I will look more into the different pools.



IF you want to support decentralization then simple: sort he pools by amount staked on it and chose empty pools.
Also recommended to stake on ITN verified pools as those players are in the game since long term.

Thanks so much.


Hi dear,

Can you tell me how I can get my own keys?


Owing the keys is the same as putting (transferring from your exchange) your ADA coins into your wallet Daedalus, Yoroi, AdaLite.

Feel free to ask if something is unclear. I am sure you will find someone ready to explain or share a good link to study.


Hi Johann,



Hello, @DelVal. How are you? There are many stakes pools to delegate ADA. In my opinion, AzureADA is the best Cardano Stake Pool Operator. @AzureAda (ticker: AZUR) An enterprise-level Cardano cryptocurrency stake pool operator for staking ADA. You can choose to delegate your ADA.


Should I just postpone 405 update until I secure my staking pool ? Simpler for now ? Tyty

I’m late to the party, but I’d like to add that MEME Pool is the best Cardano stake pool. :grin:

Our domain even says we are the best. :+1:

Hello, @Spork. I appreciate MEME Pool is the best Cardano stake pool. But I have got AzureADA is the best Cardano ADA Stake Pool Operator. I found ADAPools URL for @Azure_ADA, It’s really excellent. Anyone can check it on ADAPools -

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Hey guys,
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