How to convert the `payment.vkey` to `ed25519_sk` generated by Lucid?

The payment.skey generated by the command

cardano-cli address key-gen \
--verification-key-file payment.vkey \
--signing-key-file payment.skey


    "type": "PaymentSigningKeyShelley_ed25519",
    "description": "Payment Signing Key",
    "cborHex": "5820a6d552ccea6d6873b076d45bd4d1221351b57d76c535fbb798ede3eaada5d3bb"

Please note, this is a temporary key used strictly for testing purposes. It should NEVER be used in a production environment.

However, I’m facing a challenge. I need to convert this temporary key into a format that’s compatible with the Lucid library, as shown below:

import { Lucid } from "";
const lucid = await, "Preview");
const ownerPrivateKey = lucid.utils.generatePrivateKey();
await Deno.writeTextFile("", ownerPrivateKey);

I’ve perused the forum post titled “I want to convert PaymentExtendedSigningKeyShelley_ed25519_bip32 to PaymentSigningKeyShelley_ed25519,but I have a problem”, but unfortunately it doesn’t address my specific issue. I’m seeking guidance on how to accomplish this key conversion.

cat payment.skey | jq -r .cborHex | cut -c 5- | bech32 "ed25519_sk"

Thanks very useful.
By any chance do you know the opposite ? How from a lucide wallet with signing possibility we could retrieve the skey ?