How to create a charity based stake pool

I’m interested in creating a charity based stake pool. I’m still finishing up on the Stake pool course. I have a couple of questions:

  • Are there any specific Cardano-approved list of charities that I can pick from?

  • How do I incorporate the charity information when I create the stake pool? Assuming I want to donate 70% to the charity, how do I add this information when I create the Stake pool registration certificate?



I’d recommend you, getting in touch with the MDP Alliance.
There is a contact form and you’ll get an invite to a Discord server that explains the steps to join the alliance.

To your questions:

  • Being mission-driven is nothing which really is considered by Cardano or the Pool Registration
  • If you donate your rewards this is something that happens under your own control
  • This means, you choose the Organizations and purpose you want.
  • The Mission-Driven Pools Alliance is supporting this kind of pool by collecting and verifying donations.
  • There are some minimum membership requirements like minimum percentage of profits which shall be donated

Hope this helps!

You can add the donations infos inside the metadata file to description … or u can promote the project via yt, twiteer, etc

Thank you for the responses.