I wan to to delegate my ADA coins to Charity or NGO Stake Pool

I would like to be able to delegate my ADA to a stake pool uniquely linked to a charity or an NGO of my choice… This would be a great way of… 1. helping with decentralisation by staking my ADA… 2. ensuring that my ADA coins are helping an NGO and its mission… 3. adhering to the altruistic vision of Cardano of helping the least fortunate in society… I will send this request once a week until I get a reasonable response from you.


great initiative
thank you in the name of SPOs

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There are a lot of mission driven stake pools. Mine is all about people in need. Especially children.

You might also want to look up “Mission Driven Pools” initiative.

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Don’t know how you didn’t get a reasonable response last week. I have staked with CHRTY and CO2P. Both have been friendly and helpful. Some of the details of these pools may have changed (things like % of donation) since they were posted in the link above.

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totally agree : https://missiondrivenpools.org/
this is the answer :slight_smile:

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What an amazing response!!! Thank you all of you…


take a look of our pools, find a mission you love, or support only a Single Pool Operator :slight_smile:
that gives your decision more value :slight_smile: