How to delete a scam token from Nami wallet?

I would like to open a topic about the fact that 2 scam tokens appeared in my nami wallet a few days ago. I guess there is a way to remove them, but I would like to understand why they are present in my wallet and what problems they might cause to my wallet?

There are multiple scams going on where users receive random tokens in their wallet. If you inspect them, you will often see a URL where you could claim some fake rewards. If you try to claim these rewards, you will have to sign a transaction which will then transfer all your tokens out of your wallet.

So best thing you can do with these tokens : send them to an exchange of your choice (like binance). They will credit you the ADA which comes along with every Cardano native tokens and keep the useless and worthless scam tokens.

And no, these tokens wont cause any trouble in your wallet if you simply keep them there.


no problem as long you will ignore. The scam will take in place if u will connect your wallet on that url from scam token description/url

PS: you can send them to ur cex address and save your ADA.



Thanks @Zyroxa. That is a fantastic way to benefit from the scammer by claiming the Ada they are required to send with their scam token. We just need to educate everyone to do this. That is a pretty cool feature.

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I can’t wait until wallets will semi-automate such action. Imagine if your wallet came up with a message saying that you had received 10 scam tokens and notified you that you could claim the 15 or so Ada available by sending selected UTxOs to your exchange.

Something could be implemented a bit like the blacklists for email and the concept of greylisting emails for 10 mins before accepting the transmission: There could be some blacklist providers that labelled scam tokens over time. Wallets could check these blacklists. All you would need to do if your weren’t sure about a new token is wait a few days until the blacklists get notified by other users. Then your wallet can check the blacklist and notify you that the token is a suspected scam. You then send the UTxO to your favourite CEX and claim the scammer’s Ada. Profit from the scammer.

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As others have pointed out: The sending to CEX works with some, but not with others. KuCoin for example seems to just stop deposits with unknown tokens in them. And if the problem becomes larger, other CEXes might follow in doing something to not accept that anymore.

(If they also send back all the tokens accidentally put in their wallet in the process, that would be a huge win.)

I would not really automate something that hacky.

Automating a greylisting of tokens in some way, is maybe a good idea, though. Although a lot of burden put on the wallet apps.

FWIW, there is also a way to keep a large part of the ADA from the scammers and not annoy the CEXes: If you collect a handful or more of the scam tokens and send them all together to $burnit (a wallet Eternl uses to test operation with huge amounts of tokens) or some other trash address, the sending out can be done in a single UTxO costing much less minUTxO ADA. The rest can stay in your wallet.

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Hey there! I’ve encountered the same problem with my wallet being cluttered with numerous scam NFTs and tokens. To address this issue, I developed a small solution. I deployed a token-burning (actually token-locking) script on the Cardano blockchain and created a website to host the script’s address for public use:

Moreover, I minted an AdaHandle named $burn-tokens and then proceeded to burn it by sending it to the script’s address. This method allows for the direct transfer of scam tokens to the $burn-tokens handle

You can check out the script and its associated transactions on CardanoScan through the following link: Address addr1w8w7a70epjq8vxr86gm3ewuqqw6d24vm572kgrnsgt9qrmgjep53u - Cardanoscan

Feel free to use it!