Nami Wallet Hacked Stolen Funds - Help Recover Funds and Stop Hacker Solution

Yesterday, on the 18th of December 2023 at 12:16 AM Pacific Time my Nami Wallet was hacked, and my funds were stolen. I lost around 170,000 + worth of ADA valued for SNEK at the time. I already contacted Cardano Fraud Detection Team about this issue as well.

The Nami Wallet Address used addr1q9vj7xhdn9r4xf6gfwrxh77a4ll02hxc9nkuuupmp30t27qq3fw4ulp7qlx8tsfxd8pz9e6hfzzg8atmjvv9l7kf8faqck8gwc so it can trace the hacker on cardanoscan.

I feel violated and destroyed because a community like Cardano in the crypto space is what we need, but I hate that there is no legal justice currently nor an option to stop funds being transferred or reverted back in our industry.

These funds were left by my father who just passed away from Covid-19 and my mother who just had a cranial surgery for cerebral aneurysm gave me her trust to invest in Cardano to finish paying off our homes mortgage completely.

Anyone in the Cardano space that can help my situation to recover my stolen funds please help me.

you can track the funds, go to police and/if the scamer will move the funds to a CEX you can find who is …

also, ask here for the IP of the scammer, check if you can find anything, position, etc… do you remember his account name?

This step is so complex because who will be monitoring the actions of the hacker in the police department? This is so time consuming. Cardano itself should be the solution to this.

I feel that there should be an option for Cardano wallet users to report any funds stolen from them to immediately halt that transaction and inform the blockchain itself of such situation while it investigates and resolves the issue. It should add a temporary block to that wallet user in sending or receiving funds as it investigates for transparency as security will reign in the blockchain. Keeping those funds intact is and stopping the movement is key.

Just imagine if Cardano comes with this solution first which will help for mass adoption which is always security in mind for the user.

All I know is that this person elaborated thru here. As if you connect your Nami wallet and confirm transaction it will drain your ADA account completely to zero.

It will give you person wallet used, but I do not know if it gives their account name.

SNEK - The chillest meme coin on Cardano (

Which is a very scary situation for any Cardano user to go thru in being hacked and losing your funds.

That’s just the whole point of crypto, the inability to revert txs…

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No, no and no. Everyone will just report any tx they don’t agree with…

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It is also, honestly, only half-promising. Sometimes scammed assets get stopped, but very often, there is nothing anybody can do. It’s by design. People sign up to it when they decide that they want something without banks or the government involved, without the possibility to censor or revert transactions. Some very consciously, some not so consciously.

Ah, that scammer. They are currently very successful. They do not hack your wallet app, but trick you into signing your assets over yourself. You say “okay” to that transaction and once that is done it cannot be reverted. That is being your own bank.

Have made almost half a million ADA by now:

Upside is: Since this is the largest scam campaign in Cardano’s history, there are a lot of people trying to catch them. Might help. Might not be successful.

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I just got hacked via Nami wallet and ledger. All my ADA and SHEN are gone within a second. Unbelievable how unsecure NAMI wallet is. I lost a fortune, all my savings in ADA and SHEN of the last 2 years. They first took my SHEN and then my ADA. I dont know what I can do. I reported it to ledger support. What can you suggest? I have the transaction hash but dont know if it helps.

There should be a time implemented to get trx back, eg a few minutes. And a value limit per transaction as a secure setting by users like on every bank account.

If you use a Ledger HW, you’re probably NOT hacked, but got scammed in signing a tx that drains your wallet. This has nothing to do with the security of the Nami wallet. Did you check in Nami what coins would leave your wallet and did you verify this on the Ledger HW?

There’s kind of a problem with the Nami UI however where attackers try to take advantage of: if multiple coins are sent, Nami could list only a few of them and then something like ‘and 3 other tokens’ (don’t know the exact wording because I don’t use Nami). If one of those other tokens consists of the whole balance, you’re in trouble. But 1) with a Ledger HW, it would be visible there and 2) you say all of your ADA is gone too, so that one would’ve been clearly visible in Nami…