Singularity scam token


Just to have another opinion from the long time /more advanced users here.

I receive this reward token(disguising as Singularity dot net reward token with double AA’s). 3.2k. I know it is better not to touch this token but it is pretty annoying and eyesore. I checked around and some mention send it to CEX so i can get the ADA and get rid of the scam token.

Here’s how I did it. On eternl, Went to SEND, click add token and select the scam token via ALL (0.969750 ADA). Entered the CEX address. Send and sign the transactions via LEDGER.

I received it in CEX but the token didn’t disappear in my wallet.
Fund still intact but is my LEDGER wallet compromised?

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No… the scam is to provide you a fake URL (inside metadata file). U will be scamed if u will access the URL and connect ledger;

You are safe!


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If you sent it, it should disappear from your wallet balances. Maybe when you checked, your balances shown in your UI just haven’t updated yet. It can take a few minutes sometimes.

It’s very unlikely that your ledger got compromised if that was really all you did.

An alternative for getting rid of scam or any unwanted tokens that don’t require involving a CEX is