How to delete this forum account?

I am out. How to delete this forum account ?

What happened?

Tired of insults at all levels

You shouldn’t get insults at all levels. That’s not how this community behaves.

Not talking about the community. Talking about the CEO

I remember you shared a screenshot where he even endorsed you to keep tweeting and he enjoys your tweet.
Also remember that he’s the CEO of IOHK. Cardano is just as yours as his.

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You got it all. Thank you for your support.

I find it hard to believe that Charles actually insulted you (or anyone really). He even left Twitter because he didn’t want to get tangled up in fights/discussions. Can you clarify what happened? Just curious.

I can not disclose our private chat on Telegram because I plan a class action against him for deteriorating Cardano image publicly.

But believe me, insulting investors publicly is something that does not annoy him at all. As soon as you not agree with him, he use “Fuck” all the time, and he did with me in private chat. This guy is killing Cardano’s image and reputation.

He did not left Twitter, He said he did, but he did not.

We are investors and we dont need to be insulted on any interview.
The evidences will be shown at law court only.


What make you believe that I care about what you think, seriously ?

YOU joined that topic. So it seems that YOU care.

You joined the forum so it seems you care about other members opinion.

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There were no insults. You get what you give.

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Well, maybe one of the moderators will grant his wish to have his account deleted after all. Right?

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You deserved it, you asked for it. Now grow up and live with it.


Let’s not have this Frenchman wind us up over nothing. Moderators will do their work from here on I guess.


Great,…a video snippet where he says the f word, but then you leave out the context as to why he said it.
A class action lawsuit? Are you well, sir? Please, do leave the forum asap.



There we go, sorted. Culled the herd.