How to donate ADA to "Save the Children" without converting to Fiat first

Hello everybody,

This month, my stake pool was just about to send our first donation to save the children. To do that I would first have to send some of our ada to an exchange (beh :slight_smile: ) and then sell it there, then send the fiat to my normal bank account, then go to save the children web site, fill in all my details and finally donate the fiat there. Pretty tiresome event…

And Just as I was about to do this, Cardano communicated the partnership with save the children via Adapay! and guys and gals, that experience was so much more fun and fast that I wrote a short blog for anybody who would like to do the same:

How to donate ADA to “Save the Children” without converting to Fiat first (


Donating ADA this way is of course very convenient and it can even be easily automated. How did you solve the problem to prove that the donation actually took place? Yes, the transaction is on the blockchain but how can it be linked to both your pool and the charity?

The reason I’m asking is that I am in a similar situation. I’m running a charity pool (LEAKS) and wanted people to verify that donations are being made. My first idea was going via Bitcoin so the transaction would be on the blockchain, but how to prove that the recipient’s address actually belongs to the charity chosen?

I ended up going through fiat by making an EUR transfer and the charity set up a web site with a transaction log which contains the pool ID. A bit clumsy but it works.

A far better solution would be to have a widely used ID solution in which a recipient could sign an address or a transaction with their public key and submit that signature to the chain for anyone to verify.

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What about the mail I receive on my pool’s address from adapay?

What do you think?

So i have a screenshot of the transaction, the blockchain and the confirmation email.